Wondering if it is correct to use Future Perfect continuous time in the sentence: "We will have been eating by 8pm tomorrow, so plz come at 9pm."

Or it is better to us Future Perfect: "We will have eaten by 8pm tomorrow, so plz come at 9pm."

I'd grateful if someone explains what option to use and why. Thank you.

  • Note that writing "plz" as a text-speakeasy abbr8shn for please may be perceived as childish, lazy, or disrespectful by some readers, so you would be well advised to write it out in full, S.V.P.
    – tchrist
    Feb 2 '19 at 14:12

I am not a native speaker, but I've been learning the language since quite long, so I'll try to answer your question. *If you mean that by 8 pm tomorrow you will finish eating, you should say - We will have eaten by 8 pm tomorrow. *If you mean that at 8 pm you will be in the process of eating, you should say - We will be eating at 9 pm tomorrow.

As for Future Perfect Continuous, it is used when an action 1)is still in the process 2)we know for how long it is in the process so far.

F.e. In March, I will have been working in this company for one year. 1) I am still working there 2) We know for how long

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