What is the difference between this sentences?:

1) "Where do your parents live?"

2) "Where is your parents live?"

Which one is correct?

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Sentence 1 is correct. Sentence 2 is incorrect.

Sentence 2 is incorrect for 2 reasons. First, "your parents" is a plural noun, so is is the incorrect version of the verb to be. You should use are here.

Second, we use the word do when asking about 'how' or 'where' or 'when' objects perform their action.

For instance, the sentence

Your parents do live in London

becomes the question

Where do your parents live?


The first sentence is correct, the second one isn't, it is not grammatical. You could say:

Where are your parents living?

if the parents are temporarily living somewhere. If they have been living somewhere for a while and they will continue to live there in the future, use:

Where do your parents live?


Sentence 1 is OK, sentence 2 needs a correction like this:

Where is your parents' home?

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