I would like to know the grammatical structure of the sentence below:

The next morning she wrote her son, David, asking for important information.

I am confused as it is not in a suitable structure like relative clause (connection with which/ who).

Could you please explain how we could connect the second sentence with "asking".

  • It's a non-finite clause. A non - finite clause is a subordinate clause that contains a participle or an infinitive and hasn't got a subject. It can start with a subordinating conjunction. But there are also non-finite clauses, which do not begin with a subordinating conjunction. – re_nez Feb 3 at 7:08
  • ...and then there are those that do have a subject, if the subject isn't the same as in the main clause. – re_nez Feb 3 at 7:30
  • Can you tell us the source of the quoted sentence, please/ – James K Feb 3 at 8:21
  • Thanks for your supports. Sentence was a part from the novel "4:50 from Paddington". – sinan arslan Feb 3 at 13:26

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