Sometimes when you google something like "best camping stove" or "best coffee maker" (just examples) you can see low-quality websites that look very similar, full of amazon affiliate links. And if you know something about the topic (camping/coffee in my example) you quickly understand that the text is written by a freelancer/copywriter (probably not even a native speaker) who understands nothing about the products he/she writes about. What can I call such a website in 1-3 words?


I think "content farm" is what you are looking for. The definition that Google provides is

a website that contains very large quantities of content, typically of low quality or aggregated from other sites, generated solely to ensure that it appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine.

Another option might be "clickbait", but I think that tends to be associated more with news articles that have overly sensational or misleading headlines.

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