I am translating a user manual of a wine cooler and I found some expressions that I don't understand. Could you please give me a definition or description?

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Do not install this appliance in areas that are too humid or too cold, such as the construction appendices, garages or wine cellars.

I dont understand what construction and appendix means together. Does it have something to do with a construction area?

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Always use a correctly installed shockproof socket.

Cambridge Dictionary says that a shockproof watch or other device is not easily damaged if hit or dropped. In case of a socket I think shockproof means that the socket is properly grounded. Am I right?


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Shockproof socket is almost certainly a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI), as required by most electrical codes world-wide for safety, particualry in damp locations such as bathrooms, kitchens and where there is direct contact with the ground (e.g. basements and outdoors).

Construction appendices might refer to an addition to a building, e.g. unheated garage, or perhaps swimming pool area.

The user manual's egregious mangling and misuse of English could result in serious safety hazards!

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