What does "pull up a few"want her? I looked it up and it was about "getting information" ,so is that what Shawn meant here:

So can it be: You want information related to this,so just pull it up. (Does it mean : just look it up)


It's said at around:2:35 min


Here's the full transcript of what the says:

"Did Shawn Mendes have braces?" I had braces for four and a half years. There's lots and lots and lots of photo evidence. I'm sure you can pull up a few.

It's quite obvious that by "pull up a few" he means "you can easily find a few photos on the Internet where he wears braces which can serve as evidence that he used to wear braces in the past." I think this is just a variation of the more commonly used expression to pull something off the Web which basically means to quickly find something online and download it. Here's a simple example sentence:

You can pull the files you need off the Internet.


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