Let’s say I lost my wallet on the street and someone has found it and just gave it back to me. I would like to thank this person and say he “avoided me a lot of troubles”, as in, he saved me from the hassle of notifying the bank, police, having to remake all my documents, etc.

Is it correct to say “You avoided me X”?

The phrase sounds a bit odd to me. I tried googling it, but I didn’t find any example usages.


I suppose it could be grammatically correct, but it's not something that I or anyone I'd know would say in everyday speech. Something like:

"You have saved me a lot of trouble."

(i.e. "You have saved me (prevented me) from experiencing a lot of trouble (that is caused by losing my wallet, like replacing credit cards)).

is something that I know I'd say, if someone found my wallet.


Another option might be "You let me avoid a lot of trouble" or "You let me avoid lots of trouble."

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