Your capacity for empathy, gratitude, and generosity can be cultivated by engaging in simple social behaviors whenever the opportunity presents itself: a team meeting, a client pitch or negotiation, a 360-degree feedback session.

I searched the online dictionaries, and client means:

  • someone who pays for services or advice from a professional person or organization.
  • someone who buys something from a seller SYN CUSTOMER.

And for pitch(BUSINESS DEALS):

  • to try to persuade someone to do business with you, buy something etc pitch for business/contracts/custom etc

But I can't understand meaning of the phrase "a client pitch" exactly.

So, Could you explain it to me? Is a session? Or, is a kind of presentation?

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A pitch is not just the persuasion, it is also the word for the presentation itself. So a 'client pitch' is 'a presentation to persuade someone who pays for services'

Generally these are potential clients, people who still need to be persuaded to become clients.

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