In the following sentence:

These two words sound the same to me. Are they pronounced the same?

I wonder if I should write them as the same or same. I think it may be safer to write in the same way but sounds that it is a bit redundant.

So should I use the definite article or not?


Use the definite article. You would not write "those words sound in the same way to me"; it not just redundant, it's wrong.

same adverb
B2 in the same way:

We treat all our children the same.
I need some time to myself, the same as anybody else.

Same (Cambridge Dictionary)

  • Thanks. In that case what is the part of speech of the same? I think same is an adverb, but how about the same? – Blaszard Feb 5 at 20:24
  • Still an adverb. – Michael Harvey Feb 5 at 20:45

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