"My school finishes at 4pm."

What can be the alternatives for "finish"?

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    'gets over at, the day at school ends at, am done with school for the day at...' – Maulik V Feb 7 at 7:16
  • Would "concludes" suffice? – Davo Feb 7 at 17:30

There's a few possibilities. Some are relatively local dialect things.

  • "My school day ends at 4pm"
  • "My school kicks out at 4pm"
  • "My school ends classes/lessons at 4pm" (which of classes or lessons you use depends on dialect)
  • "My school closes at 4pm" (this may be taken to mean there are no after-school activities, or that there are, and the normal schoolday ends earlier than 4pm - and the after-school stuff finished by 4pm)
  • "I finish school at 4pm" (or lessons or classes at 4pm)
  • "I get out of school at 4pm"

The last two change the subject to the speaker, rather than the school, but in a lot of situations would be more natural, in my experience.

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