As far as i know it is correct to say:

A two-meter-long fossilized turtle discovered .

When we make this sentence structure into question sentence , can i say :

How- many -meter -long fossilized turtle was discovered ?

  • Your first sentence is not correct. Did you leave out a was? "A two-meter-long fossilized turtle was discovered." – Canadian Yankee Feb 7 '19 at 13:32

There is no way to do this in standard English (though some people, particularly maths and science geeks, will write "a how-many-metre-long turtle").

In standard English, it has to be recast: "How many metres long was the fossilized turtle that was discovered?"


When making a statement it is useful, perhaps essential to state the units

"A three-metre-long turtle"

When asking a question you don't need to state the units

How long was the turtle?

It is up to the person who answers to give the units.

If you want to specify units, you may do so:

How long was the turtle, in metres?

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