If a worker did not follow instructions at work, and this has affected the performance of the company, he/she is often asked to write a kind of an explanatory letter to the management. What do we call such letters? A report?

In Russian, it's "объяснительная записка" (explanatory note).

Georgy Ivanov violated the process logging rules, therefore it's impossible to ascertain the reasons for the bioreactor leak.
CAPA plan: Georgy Ivanov must write an explanatory note and hand it over to Quality Unit manager Taras Zakharchuk.

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    In addition to the document itself, a general process that inquires into how and why something happened can be called a post mortem. Originally used in the sense of medical autopsies, it has expanded into a broader usage. Feb 7, 2019 at 14:46

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Such a document may very well have different names in different organizations. I can't think of a single universal English term for this.

The most common term would be

Incident Report

The military may use

Corrective Action Report

Any organization can up with their own terms

Self Reporting Response (SRR)

Self Evaluation (SE)

Personal Incident Actions (PIA)

HR52 (literally just Human Resources template #52)

They do this to have some serious sounding acronym.

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