Is there any other date where/when I can write the exam?

Should I use when or where in that sentence

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  • Either one is fine. – mama Feb 7 at 8:14
  • "Where" would be better, to make it clear that you're asking about the date when to take the exam rather than the place. And by the way, if you're a student, we say you "take" or "sit" the exam, not "write the exam". – Rosie F Feb 7 at 8:26
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    @RosieF: did you mean "when"? I can't make sense of the first sentence in your comment. – Colin Fine Feb 7 at 9:21
  • @ColinFine Oops, yes, you're right, I did mean "when". – Rosie F Feb 7 at 11:57

Unlike the people who have commented, I find only "when" to be normal here, as it is a date.

If I heard it with "where", I would assume the speaker was thinking of a 'date' not as a date on the calendar, but a place and time - which makes some sort of sense for an exam, which presumably has assigned places and times. But I would still find it odd.


Only 'when' makes sense to me, particularly as you specify "date". I mean, I'd know what you meant either way, but "where" would seem wrong - just an understandable sort of wrong.

Also, in English, we say "sit an exam" or "take an exam", not "write an exam".

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    In my (American) experience, I am used to "taking" exams. I have the impression that some of our fellow contributors from other continents "write" exams. – Jasper Feb 9 at 0:52
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    No national variant of English that I know of writes exams, but I suppose they might in some that I've not come across. If I didn't know it was a common mistranslation (I've come across it before with native speakers of a range of other languages), I would have thought it was a mistaken way of saying they were to set an exam. – SamBC Feb 9 at 10:11

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