...Yes, I am sure you are surprised to hear this - no doubt you will say that Potter has always been Dumbledore's favorite - but I feel bound to tell you that Dumbledore may not be in charge at Hogwarts much longer and the people who count have a very different - and probably more accurate - view of Potter's behavior. I shall say no more here, but if you look at the Daily Prophet tomorrow you will get a good idea of the way the wind is blowing - and see if you can spot yours truly!

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

What does "spot yours" mean? Especially, what 'yours' refers to?


The phrase is "spot yours truly".

"Yours truly" is a (pretentious) way to refer to yourself. So the speaker is saying "see if you can spot me (in the newspaper tomorrow)".

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  • This self-referential “yours truly” resembles one traditional way to close a letter. In that context, those words appear just before the signature — yours truly, Gary Botnovcan. – Gary Botnovcan Feb 9 '19 at 15:16
  • I usually see "truly yours". – dan Feb 9 '19 at 22:43

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