Procedures to Account for Workers

Managers are responsible for accounting for all workers in their department. He/She shall report anyone unaccounted for to the emergency department via radio.

It describes how managers should act in the event of emergency (fire, chemical spills, and etc.). I looked up dictionaries, and it seems that "account" here means "(noun) a written or spoken description of an event", but "account" here is used as a verb, and the meaning of the dictionary only fits for noun. The only meaning for the verb "account" is:

to think of someone or something in the stated way (https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/account)

Then, should I interpret "account" as "report"?

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The meaning here isn't found in the Cambridge learner's dictionary, but it is in wiktionary. It is the eighth sense of the verb

8 (intransitive) To establish the location for someone. [from 19th c.]
After the crash, not all passengers were accounted for.

So in an emergency, managers must find where all their workers are located, and report anyone that they can't find using the radio.

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