Which one is correct or both?

1.They are brilliant student.
2.All of them are brilliant student.
3.My uncle has three sons who work in the same office.
4.My uncle has three sons all of whom work in the same office.

Can I replace they with all of them and who with all of whom.

  • In the fourth sentence, there should be a comma after sons and it should be who not whom. You also can't use both in your question when you've provided four, rather than two, sentences. Commented Feb 12, 2019 at 22:03

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Yes, “they”/“all of them” and “who”/“all of whom” can be used interchangeably. Maybe “all of” emphasizes that every single member of the group is included, in case it wasn’t clear before. (Side note: make sure to pluralize “students”- otherwise all four sentences are perfectly correct.)

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