We should not be confused with any other kind of issue.

We should not be confused with any other kind of issues.

which one is grammatically right?


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Either is acceptable. Which you actually use depends on the context of the sentence. How many other issues have you already spoken about? If just one, keep it singular; if many, then use the plural.

This mirrors the following, where both are grammatical:

any other issue
any other issues

The addition of kind of doesn't really make a difference here—although different people may find that one version sounds better than another.

Kind of issue will sound natural to almost everybody—if a single issue is being discussed.

Deciding between kind of issues, kinds of issue, and kinds of issues (where there is a plural number of issues) is more subjective. Unless there is a specific reason to mention kind, if you think it causes confusion, I would just drop it in the plural case.

Note that in this particular sentence, it should almost certainly be we should not be confused by rather than we should not be confused with.

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