I would like to understand the role of using the with other.

For example,

Each row of matrix A contains only three numbers. For example, the entries of the first row are the numbers from 1:3, while the entries of the second row are 4:6, and so on for the other rows.

Does the is correct here, or should be removed?

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The use of the definite article makes the sentence sound better because you are referring to something specific.

But while the other rows sounds more natural than just other rows, there are several alternatives that could also be used:

 . . . and so on for the other rows.
. . . and so on for the remaining rows.
 . . . and so on for all other rows.
 . . . and so on for every other row.
. . . and so on for the rest.

Note that in each case, something specific is being mentioned.

You could also simply finish the sentence in a simpler form:

. . . and so on.

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Option 1: "the other rows". This is preferred. You are not discussing any random matrix. Rather, it's "matrix A", a specific defined matrix which has a finite and definite number of rows.

Option 2: "other rows". This sounds vague and indefinite. If the matrix were going to have an undefined, unknown, ever-changing number of rows (which is the case with some matrices) then maybe this would be alright.

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