In many sentences I cannot find a reason why the definite article is omitted in superlatives, eg.:

It's best to get to the supermarket early.

He won the award for best actor, and deservedly so.

In thr first I guess it is because I do not compare “goings” to the supermarket, I simply describe one variant of that. But in the second, I do not know.

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In the first case, the adjective is not in front of a noun. So there is no noun to be made definite.


He is the best dog. (Best is an adjective, describing the dog)
He is the best. (best is a noun)
He is best (best is an adjective)

In the second case, it should be written

He won the award for Best Actor.

Best Actor is the name of the award. Proper nouns don't generally require articles.

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