I am not sure where to put the word "your" and if you should put it twice.

I want to listen to your songs on your music collection.

I want to listen to songs on your music collection.

I am not sure which one is the best, and if both are grammatical? Any rule on this?

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    songs should be in your music collection, not on
    – bko
    Feb 19, 2019 at 5:03

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I would say

I want to listen to the/some songs in your music collection.

You could formulate it in various different ways, but if you can avoid saying the same word twice in a sentence, it is generally better to.

The songs are in your music collection, so by inference they are yours too, and it does not need to be repeated.

Adding 'the' or 'some' is not required, but seems to flow off the tongue a bit better to me.


Grammatically, both sentences in your examples are (almost) correct:"in your music collection" sounds better.

"your songs" can have 2 meanings:

  • the songs you own;
  • the songs you created, performed, recorded...

"your music collection" refers to the entire archive of songs you have (regardless of who was involved in making it).

If you use "your" twice, you somehow put a stronger accent on the following meaning:

You have many songs, but I want to hear the ones where you are the artist.

I also endorse the suggested sentence provided in the answer from @fred2: "I want to listen to the/some songs in your music collection."

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