I am looking for companion books, and to look for them I would like to know all of the synonyms.

The Oxford Companion to English Literature

  • What type of book? there can be "student exercises" or "vol 1" and "vol 2" or "part 1" and "part 2" or "theory" and "examples or practice" etc – Solar Mike Feb 23 '19 at 14:01
  • theory book mostly, or encyclopedic books. – repomonster Feb 23 '19 at 14:02
  • So "Vol 1 A to As" then "Vol 2 Asa to Bb" etc is possible - based on looking at the French Language Encyclopaedia on my shelf... – Solar Mike Feb 23 '19 at 14:05

The problem here is that this sort of work doesn't have much in the way of general terms that mean specifically this. Not all books called "companion to" are going to be specifically this encyclopaedic style, and not all in this style will be called companions. Other terms that I would expect to produce similar books include:

  • guide, usually guide to SUBJECT
  • reference, may be reference to SUBJECT, SUBJECT: a reference, or other forms
  • encyclopaedia, usually encyclopaedia of SUBJECT (may also be spelled encyclopedia)
  • dictionary, often dictionary of SUBJECT (we have a Dictionary of Modern History, 1789-1945 on our bookshelves that is in this style)

These will also find an awful lot of things that aren't in the same format as well, though.

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