Is the paper provided by a physician indicating a patient should do an MRI without mentioning any medical imaging business referred to as a prescription or a referral? Or perhaps it is named differently (maybe "lab order")?

According to Wiktionary:

None of these two definitions apply to the paper as an MRI isn't a "medicine or other intervention" and the paper doesn't refer to anyone.

Example of such paper on which the physician ordered some MRI to a patient (source):

enter image description here


According to the form in the example post, it is a prescription.

Incidentally, this example prescription does specify that the patient receive a medicine: The "contrast" material needs to be in the patient's body when the MRI is performed.

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  • Thanks, perhaps the word "prescription" is part of the form template because most commonly the form is used to prescribed pharmaceutical drugs? – Franck Dernoncourt Feb 24 '19 at 4:26
  • @FranckDernoncourt -- Yes. – Jasper Feb 24 '19 at 4:51

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