In this sentence: " This is an adventure to me" /an adventure to me/ is the subject complement. I'd like to know the function of " to me" . Is it a post modifier of " adventure"? Or is it a prep. object? ( which seems improbable since the verb in the sentence is intransitive) Thanks!

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    To me is a prepositional phrase. Me is its object. It seems unlikely that an adventure to me is a constituent, and therefore can't be a subject complement, because to me can be moved without changing meaning: To me, this is an adventure. The noun phrase an adventure is the predicate noun; to me is basically functioning as an adverbial. – John Lawler Feb 19 at 15:41

The object of this sentence is an adventure. The subject is this. To me is a prepositional phrase with me as its object, and it relates to the verb to be. To illustrate, it might be re-written:

To me, this is an adventure.

It means that the speaker considers this (whatever that might be) an adventure, but recognises that others may not.

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