She was awarded the Member of the Order of the British Empire 12 years ago for her contribution to the Women’s Royal Voluntary Service, a charity that provides a range of services for vulnerable people who might otherwise feel lonely.

She still helps out at her local WRVS shop at Hope Hospital, Salford, which raises money for the charity so that it can offer services from meals on wheels for elderly people to welfare centres for soldiers in the Army.

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    This article explains how Salford Royal Hospital was originally known as Hope Hospital. – Weather Vane Feb 26 at 17:22
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    "Hope" is the former name of the Salford Royal Hospital in Pendleton, Salford, England. Because "hope" is capitalized in the article, we should assume it's a proper noun. – Andrew Feb 26 at 17:22
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    Hope is the name of a district of Salford. – Michael Harvey Feb 26 at 18:33

The capitalisation tells you that Hope Hospital is (or was) a specific hospital, and as the next bit of text indicates it was in Salford. More information about that hospital is rather outside the scope of this site.

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