I'm quite a bit confused about the meaning of this word. I remember searching up this word or having seen something that indicates that "notch/notches" are marks (for example, the marks that are around a radio button that serve as indicators for how high or how low the volume is and etc...), but when I look up the meaning it doesn't say anything about it besides the meaning of "dent" or something completely unrelated to what I thought.

I also know that notch means the part where the camera is built in on a smartphone. So I already got that.


I also know the meaning of the phrase "let's kick it up a notch".

But I don't know what it really is....!!!!!!

Does it mean marks? Like I previously stated 🤔 (like on a burner or a radio).

My brain is on fire.

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You might try a different dictionary:

notch (n):
1. An indentation or incision on an edge or surface.
  1.2 A nick made on something in order to keep a score or record.
  1.3 A point or degree in a scale.

notch (v):
1. Make notches in.
2. Score or achieve (something).

"Let's kick it up a notch" relates to noun definition 1.3. It suggests that, on some metaphorical scale of excitement/enjoyment, we should take it one step higher.

Otherwise, a "notch" is just a mark or indentation in anything. It doesn't have to be for any particular purpose:

The bored student cut notches in his desk as a way to pass the time.

Alternately, you can purposefully carve notches to do something like keep count:

The prideful gunslinger carved a notch in the handle of his revolver each time he won a shootout.

Because notches are usually narrow, it doesn't really make sense to use it to refer to how the camera is built into a smartphone. It's possible, but I would prefer something like "aperture" or "slot".

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