Is there an adjective that qualifies an action of being difficult and requiring attention?

As an example:

_______ spellcasting as opposed to automatic spellcasting

I can't think of anything. I am not sure if such an adjective exist. What do you think?

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fiddly (adjective)
chiefly British
requiring close attention to detail Merriam-Webster


Some suggestions, depending on your context:

  • Problematic describes something that is constantly a problem.

Example: "The situation was problematic for the teachers".

  • Demanding describes something that requires a lot of your attention.

Example: "I do a very demanding job".

  • Involved can describe something that is difficult to understand or complicated.

Example: "My job is very involved".

  • Elaborate describes something involving many carefully arranged parts or details; detailed and complicated in design and planning.

Example: "The instructions are extremely elaborate".

These are just a few examples. You could also use "complicated" or "complex". Perhaps use an online thesaurus to look up some synonyms of any of these suggestions.

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