The doors to the world have been flung wide open, and the view that’s available is staggering.

Upon checking flung - throw, cast or move quickly does not fit with this sentence. staggering deeply shocking! it is from the book “the one thing”

  • Why does cast, move quickly not fit?? – DrMoishe Pippik Feb 28 at 22:43
  • does not seem natural to me, do the author means that the world moves so fast that a lot of opportunities exists? – THEGreatGatsby Feb 28 at 22:45

To fling or throw something open is to open it suddenly and completely.

Fling something open


The important point is that it is referring to the doors when it says flung wide open.

This is metaphorical. They are using "doors to the world" as a metaphor (and what for I couldn't tell you without more context - there's a few possibilities), and saying they have been opened suddenly and completely, possibly forcefully. Now they're open, it say, the view through them is staggering - and that's still metaphor.

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