Is the following "formula" about girls true?

pretty = beautiful or cute

I mean

beautiful > cute

but for "pretty" there is override with both.

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  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. – Solar Mike Mar 2 at 7:33

A lot of people will have different ideas about how those words relate to one another. Some would say pretty and beautiful differ only in that the latter is more formal. Others would say that it's a matter of degree.

Cute is an awkward one to factor in, because it doesn't always mean the same sort of thing as beautiful or pretty. It can, and it can mean handsome, and it can mean the same as cocky or mouthy, or other terms with similar meanings (as in "don't get cute"). It can mean nice-looking in the sense that animals are that make people go "aww". It can mean behaving in a certain sort of supposedly-endearing way. You have to judge what it means from context.

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