I don't quite understand these(below) lines of a poem named "The Laburnum top":

She stokes it full, then flirts out to a branch-end showing her "barred face identity mask"

Would the correct parse be (barred) (face identity mask)?


In this reference http://www.english-for-students.com/The-Laburnum-Top.html it is indeed "barred", and see several commentaries that also refer to "barred".

 barred face

is the bird's face, striped with shadows, which is as though she is wearing a mask. An

identity mask

is an artistic mask, designed and made (or chosen) by the wearer to express their character or identity.

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I would say "a barred identity mask" leaving out "face" because "mask" as "a covering for a face" will explain it. It might be inaccurate, though.

An identity mask is a mask for people who want to hide/change their true appearance. A bank robber may use it to hide their face behind it. A theatre performer may wear it to entertain the spectators.

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"Barred" as an adjective means either "having bars or stripes" or "marked with bands of light or colour".

enter image description here

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