The disease spread through the region.

The disease spread across the region.

Explain the difference.

Thank you.

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In this case, there really isn't one. There is possibly some small difference in nuance, but if so it will depend on cultural/dialect-related factors.

However, in almost any other case, across and through are not synonyms. Not even in other cases with spread, nor other cases of spreading disease. They normally have quite different meanings.


Spread across

Is commonly used to divide something. for instance:

We are asking for government funding to preserve a collection that is spread across the country.

On the other hand:

Spread through

Is commonly used to propagate something. for instance:

Or is the virus being spread through trade, for example, from flock to flock by contaminated equipment, egg flats, feed trucks, et cetera?

Source Linguee: spead accross spread through

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