I have just watched a british youtube video. She said:

"I really hope some of you take up this opportunity"

My question is, what is the difference of that to "Take this opportunity"

Is this regional?

  • Please provide a link to the video – CowperKettle Mar 3 at 9:01

To take an opportunity is to simply take advantage of a situation that has made it possible to do something. The rain stopped, so I took the opportunity to go out; my train was late so I took the opportunity to drink a cup of coffee. I took the opportunity to speak to John while I was in London.

To take up an opportunity, offer, chance, etc is to accept an offer, or take advantage of an opportunity, that someone has made available. Schools are taking up the offer of cut-price computers; young people are taking up the opportunity of a career offered by Central Bank Ltd. I took up John's offer of a meeting while I was in London.

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