What is the plural of "school subject"? Is "school subject" also common in American English?


The plural is simply:

school subjects

And so far that I know, there is no other particular way to say it in American English.

  • At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a "Course" (with a capital "C") is at the level of a department or major. A "course" (with a lower-case "c") is taught over a month or semester. For example, a Computer Science major (in Course VI-3) usually takes four courses per semester. The VI in "VI-3" is a roman numeral, so "VI-3" is pronounced "six three". It is unusual to need to pluralize the capital-C Courses. This usage of capital-C Course is peculiar to M.I.T.; it is not normal in American English.
    – Jasper
    Mar 4 '19 at 20:00

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