I am solving an exercise in which I should use the correct past tense. Can you check my answers and tell me are they right?

With his heart thumping, he was climbing the ladder leading to the roof. When he reached the top, he saw two huge eyes staring at him. Realizing what it was, he chuckled and sighed. "Abigail! You nearly scared me to death!" The owl which Jack nursed back to health after she had broken her leg.

Thank you in advance!

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You did a great job.

I would correct only one sentence here.

With his heart thumping, he climbed the ladder leading to the roof.

The past simple is used for actions which happened immediately one after the other in the past.

He climbed the ladder [action 1], he reached the top [action 2], he saw two eyes [action 3].

The past continuous is usually used for a past action which was in progress when another action interrupted it.

He was climbing the ladder when he heard a sudden loud noise.

  • Why do you think it's so? I think we are describing a landscape and we should use Past Continuous. – Kaloyan Kolev Mar 5 at 16:20
  • @KaloyanKolev yes, it's correct to use the past continuous to describe the atmosphere, setting of a story – Andrew Tobilko Mar 5 at 16:32

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