I was looking for a way to call the fact when someone for instance call too much or use too much data and go beyond the limit, we can say:

"He did a ......"

But I'm looking for this particular word, wich mean the user will pay more than the montly fee.

edit: the context is: Someone call a foreign country but without a international mobile phone subscription


To exceed, To run out of, to go over your limit.

You've exceeded your data usage this month, if you continue to use more you'll have to pay extra.

You will run out of (exceed) your data limit if you keep watching movies all the time.

You will go over the limit if you keep downloading games on your phone.

Quick tip, You can also tell someone that they might "use up" all their data if they are constantly using it.

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  • Thanks for you reply, I updated my request adding the context. – Ced Mar 5 '19 at 19:16

Particularly related to cell phone plans, there is the concept of "overage charges" which are the fees a customer incurs when they exceed the limits of their plan.

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