I wonder why “for” is not used after cost as is the case with “buy” and “sell”. I mean would it be wrong to say:

It will cost us for $1500.

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    Because cost is not buy and sell. – Lambie Mar 6 '19 at 20:12

"$1500" is a direct object of the verb "cost". With "buy" and "sell", the direct object is the item being bought or sold.

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  • It might be useful to also mention how us is functioning in this sentence—indirect object I think, but I’m not actually entirely sure. – KRyan Mar 6 '19 at 20:19
  • Yes, it is an indirect object. – user8577930 Mar 6 '19 at 20:21
  • And with "cost", the thing being bought or sold is the subject. – Acccumulation Mar 6 '19 at 22:23

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