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According to a dictionary, "in pipeline" means "already been planned or begun". But I am not sure if it's what it means in this graph. Does "In Pipeline" mean preparing/planning to become one of its customers?

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    The context of that graph includes the text that comes with it. It's hard for any of us to judge what is meant by it without knowing what the article I presume it is embedded in actually says. – SamBC Mar 8 at 11:53
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    Where is the graph from? I looks to me like what's being referred to is the "sales pipeline", which is the process of actively converting a potential customer into an actual customer. – Canadian Yankee Mar 8 at 12:58

I can't comment on the specifics of this graph, lacking any meaningful content.

I would say, however, that this expression uses pipeline to mean a process with an ordered start-to-finish sequence of steps. For something to be in pipeline, an expression we can take to have an elided the, it is part way through such a process.

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