she wants to manipulate you into committing as she knows that you as a man want to have sex, and therefore will force you to commit to a relationship before giving you all the fun.

two consecutive "as"s makes me confusing!!

she wants to manipulate me into committing WHAT??

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Sometimes As is used as "Since"

As and since are used when the reason is already well known and is therefore usually less important. The as or since clause is usually (Not always) placed at the beginning of the sentence:

As the performance had already started, we went up to the balcony and occupied some empty seats there.

Since John had already eaten, I made do with a sandwich.

That's why you're confused. In the text As is used as since. The second As doesn't have anything to do with the first. They're not using it for comparison.


The meaning of "committing" is given later in the sentence, when is elaborated. "Committing to..."

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