I have 2 sentences, what is true?

  1. Data is too large for exporting
  2. Data is too large for export

Please help to choose and explain why we choose the answer. Thanks so much!

  • Date are too large? ;-) – Jan Doggen Mar 10 at 11:28

I’ve seen this a lot here on ELL. People ask a question almost as if they assume one version is correct and therefore the other must not be correct.

In this case, I wouldn’t deem either of those “incorrect” (particularly if they are only meant as, say, a program’s error message). However, I do think a more natural way to express it would be:

Data is too large to export.

Going back to your question, though, for is generally used as a preposition, so it’s object is usually a noun. However, a verb with an -ing ending is called a gerund, which functions as a noun. That’s why either one of your originals can work.

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