I have a problem with auxiliary verbs in questions with interrogatives. I can't feel the difference between following questions.
"What do tenses use in the essay?" or "What tenses use in the essay"?

Could you help me?

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    Neither sentence make sense. Perhaps you mean "what tenses are used in the essay?" It's unusual to say tenses use something, unless you specifically mean (for example) that some tenses use auxiliary verbs. Mar 8, 2019 at 12:50

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The second one, i.e. "What tenses use in the essay?" is wrong. The first one is correct. It doesn't make sense without the auxiliary verb. Consider this - Who are you? You can't say "Who you?" Here, "are" is required to render the sentence complete. You can modify the second one as "Tell me what tenses use in the essay." Just like, you don't say "Where you live?" You say "Where do you live?" or "Tell me where you live." Also, "Tell me who you are." would make it correct. https://learningenglish.voanews.com/a/forming-questions-part-1-subject-questions/4550920.html

You also can't say "Tell me where do you live." Although, you can use "Tell me, where do you live?", that is, it can be used but necessarily with a comma. Which is correct (if any): "please let me know what do you think"? or "please let me know what you think"?

  • "What do tenses use in the essay?" is also incorrect - neither of OP's choices is good. Something like "What tenses are used in the essay?" is better. Mar 8, 2019 at 18:33

You need to understand how to frame questions. What exactly are you trying to say with your sentence?

Refer to the following articles:



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