Is this the right way to write about choices limitation.

Students' choices should be restricted\limited to\in vocational courses.


Your choices are limited to\in the following options (a or b or c)

  • do you have any thoughts about what might be right and why? – Mixolydian Mar 11 at 18:17
  • It's not very clear what you are asking. If there are three choices, can you show three complete sentences? – Weather Vane Mar 11 at 18:21
  • My question is about using the correct preposition "to or in" when you write about choices limitation or selecting from finite options. I will change the title. – Costa Mar 12 at 7:43

Both to and in are correct, but the meaning is radically different.

to -> the only possible choices are presented next

in -> the choices in (what is next) are limited

restricted to vocational courses = only vocational courses are allowed

restricted in vocational courses = when speaking about vocational courses, choices should be limited

limited to the following options (a or b or c) = only options a or b or c are possible

limited in the following options = (it does not actually make sense)


I would say:

Students' choices should be restricted\limited to vocational courses.


Your choices are limited to a or b or c

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