Can we put two adverbs in a row without any "connecting" word in between?

Here's an example:

I can stealthily physically harm this guy by using my telekinetic power.

Is this grammatically correct? And if not why isn't it correct? And how can I fix the sentence?

  • Have you found examples of this sort of usage in published writing? – SamBC Mar 11 at 23:06

In some cases yes, like this: He spoke extremely intelligently. Because intelligently is modifying spoke and extremely is modifying intelligently. In your case yes, because stealthily modifies physically(In a weird way.) and physically modifies harm.

  • I agree that extremely modifies intelligently in your example. But I would say that physically harm is a common enough expression that it acts as its own verb. stealthily modifies physically harm IMO. – Mixolydian Mar 12 at 1:07
  • I agree now that i look at it more. – Jeef Mar 12 at 3:22

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