It is thought that people under 18 should be obligated to full-time study their school subjects.

I wonder whether the above sentence is grammatically correct and natural because usually I see native English speaker use full-time as adjective not adverb like this: Most children in the UK remain in full-time education until they are at least 16 years old.

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Full-time can't act naturally as an adverb in this context although you will hear people speaking of the need to study full-time.

To fix your sentence, you need to introduce the phrase their school subjects with a preposition.

....to full-time study of their school subjects.

As soon as you speak of full-time study, your listener anticipates that you are using study as a noun, and to omit the preposition is simply puzzling.

It is possible to use an adverb in the context you propose, such as:

....to intensively study their school subjects

although the adverb fits more naturally at the end of the sentence.

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