A student of mine is writing about her experience when she opened a Baggie of lima beans that had begun to rot. The smell was gross, like rotten garbage. A few sentences she wrote are "When we opened our Baggies. Our senses exploded! ¨Hear¨ are some of the _______________ my senses experienced!" What word could she use in the blank?

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There are a lot of mistakes here. The first two sentences should be one sentence:

When we opened our baggies, our senses exploded!

Though this is syntactically ok, semantically I am not sure. Wasn’t it only one baggie that was the problem? Therefore, “When I opened my baggie...” would be better.

“Our senses exploded” may be understood but it is a weird thing to say. “Our senses were assaulted” or “Our noses were assaulted” if it was just the smell that was noticeable, might make more sense.

I think “baggie” should be lowercase even though “Baggie” might be a brand name (common enough that lowercasing it is fine, like with “kleenex”).

“Here”, not “Hear”. “Here are some of the smells our noses were hit with” perhaps.


a possible word is: sensations


If you want to be specific, sensations.

If you're fine being prosaic, things.

It's a bit tenuous, but more specific than things and less repetitious (in terms of the senses), you could have impressions.

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