I am aware that he is on holiday. Can you tell me from what day he will be back at the office?

I am not sure whether the bolded passage is correct. On the Internet, I have not found any match with this construction. I do not want to use "when".

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    Why do you not want to use when? – Juhasz Mar 12 at 15:36
  • I only want to know whether it sounds natural to a native speaker. – bart-leby Mar 12 at 15:39

I don’t know what your reason is for not using when, but it would sound more natural to use on rather than from in this context. It is understood that if he is back on a certain day, he will be at the office from that day forward.


You can simply say this:

Can you tell me the day he will be back at the office?

It drops the when, and you don't need to worry about what preposition to use.

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