i had been reading a paper but i haven't understood a paragraph. Can you help me?

paragraph as follows

"We've all left meetings feelings good about what we discussed only to later wonder why so little happened as a result? Where did the momentum go?

does it mean same that 2 sentences "we've all left" and "we all have left"?


Yes, in this case they are interchangeable and mean the same thing. I think the confusion from that bolded phrase comes from the 's' at the end of feelings. To be correct, it should read like this:

We've all left meetings feeling good

But yes, "We've all left meetings" and "We all have left meetings" or even "We have all left meetings" would all mean the same thing.


We've all have left meetings feeling good: All of us at some point in time have done this. We've all experienced this in our lives and we know it well, because it has happened to us before.

We all left (the?) meetings feeling good: All of us attended several meetings in the speaker's present time, and we all left them feeling really good.

Both phrases are correct if used in the correct context.


Both are the same meaning, however, “we have all left” indicates to this moment (by now) whereas “we all have left” doesn’t refer to this moment. This is my understanding of the difference.


¨We've all¨ means ¨we have all¨

For instance: ¨We've all been to a restaurant.¨ This shows that we all went to a restaurant.

¨We all have¨ is in a possessive tense. This means it shows ownership.

For instance: ¨We all have hats.¨ This means that we all own hats.

The two terms are sometimes interchangeable, but have slightly different meanings.

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