what's the difference between these sentence ?

  • He had complete his work.

  • He had completed his work.

  • I have complete my work.

  • I have completed my work.

Does it make sense to use present tense after had ? Like had finish, had go etc

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No Generally it doesn't. Of your four examples, only

He had completed his work.

is grammatically correct. Another possible from would be:

He has completed his work.

This second form describes the current state of things: the work is now complete, although it was finished in the past. Yet another possible form would be

His work is complete.

However, this doesn't say whether he completed it or someone else did, a typical issue of using the passive voice.


✘ He had complete his work.

✔ He had completed his work.

✘ He have complete his work.

✘ He have completed his work.

In these sentences "have" and "had" are used as auxiliary verbs.

In past perfect tense "Had" is used as auxiliary while "Have" is required in present perfect tense. However, in present perfect tense if the subject is singular and in third person, "Has" will replace "Have".

He Had completed his work- Past perfect tense

He has completed his work- Present perfect tense, Subject is third person singular, hence "Has" instead of "Have"

These sentences are grammatically correct

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