Grammarly is correcting me:

Actually, I did not released it in a new name because it was supposed for me to take over the maintenance.

It is saying I should use release instead of released. Does is Grammarly right?

It appears that the verb released is incorrectly used with the helping verb did. Consider changing it to the base form to release.

Do, does, or did can be used as a helping verb in certain constructions. They can add emphasis to the main verb, form a question, or express a negative (when used with not). The main verb in these constructions always uses the base form when combined with do, does, or did.

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Did not+verb(first form)

I did not release it

is grammatical


Verbs used with do are not inflected (changed in form) for time or number or person, and cannot take aspects like the perfect or progressive. If it's coming after any form of do or do not, any change for time, number or person happens to do. You always use a bare infinitive after do, including does, did, does not, did not, do not, and contracted versions of the same.

I did not release it.

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