In a manner confuses me in terms of use. Sometimes if i can’t find correct adverb i use adjective before manner . For example is it correct to say:

My steel cylinder was delivered in a manner coated with aluminum.

She was sent there in a compulsorily manner.


"In a manner" is the way dictionaries explain many adverbs. It isn't reversible.

"Compulsorily" is defined as "in a compulsory manner", but that doesn't mean you can actually say aloud, "She was sent there in a compulsory manner." It's grammatically correct, but idiomatically wrong.

For example, "It's grammatically correct" sounds bizarre if you recast it as "It's correct in a grammatical manner." You might say, "Its grammar is correct", but that's as close as you can get.

Your sentences should be

My steel cylinder was delivered coated with aluminum.

"Coated with aluminum" functions as an adjective.

She was compelled to go there.

(Or "They were compelled to send her there.")

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