Do we have any idioms for a person who spends too much time on the cellphone?

As we call a person who watches television a lot, a couch potato, or a person who spends large amounts of leisure or working time operating a computer, a mouse potato.

If there is any, I would appreciate your answer.

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We usually don't care if a person spends too much time on the phone. Call them

a [smart]phone zombie

a [smart]phone addict

a cellcoholic (a person addicted to cell phone usage)

a nomophobe (I love it, it stands for no-mobile-phone-phobe)

But when we chat with that person and they repeatedly look at their phone (and miss a good part of what we say), it's annoying. We can call them

a phubber (derived from phubbing)


Never heard “mouse potato” before but I like it! I guess you could extend this to “phone potato”? That is not a known expression, though. Probably phone addict is the best phrase for this.


Someone who's always on their phone posting on social media and snap chatting is called a Millennial!!!

Look at that guy on his phone all day he's such a Millennial.

That's a nice alternative for phone addict Millennials are very attached to their phones. Phone addiction is one of their strongest traits.

Millennial:denoting people reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century.

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