Context: Paratroopers are landing.

My brain says it should be: "As each of them touch down,..."

but then again, it could be

"As each of them touches down,..."

You could argue that plural noun/pronoun goes with plural verb but "they" is a plural pronoun and would go with "touch" not touches, and "each" could go with "touch" if "each touch" did something.


As each of them touches down ...

(singular subject)


As they touch down ...

(plural subject)


Each of/each one of/every one of are followed by plural noun of pronoun but the verb is usually singular. When we use each we talk about every individual.


As each of them touches

Each describes individuals.

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    This is correct, but awfully sparse. – Nathan Tuggy Mar 20 at 5:53

Definitely, the verb should be singular. Look up in the section of "subject-verb agreement" of any grammar book, plz.

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    Please provide a more detailed explanation. The question is not about agreement, but about which are the words to consider in the agreement. – virolino Mar 21 at 11:57
  • IN the context where paratroopers are talked about, you may just say " as they touch down..." I can't understand why each should be used in this context. Yey, when each is the subject, the verb has to be "touches." – reader1995 Mar 24 at 1:44
  • 1. The additional explanation must be in the answer, not in the comment. 2. If you do not understand something, you should not provide answers - you are always welcome to post your own questions. 3. The additional explanation is not any more clear than the original answer. – virolino Mar 24 at 7:31

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